Bamboo, chrysanthemum, plum blossom and orchid ( 梅蘭竹菊)are popular recurring themes in Chinese art that can take years to master. They are commonly referred to as ‘The Four Gentlemen 四君子’, comparing them to true Confucian ‘gentlemen’. The four plants symbolize virtues of humanity that form some of the core principles of Confucian philosophy which Chinese painting has strong roots in. Purity, humility, perseverance, loyalty -all of which are virtues highly valued in Chinese traditions. For a true ‘gentleman ‘ or a serious student, painting and practicing  ‘The Four Gentlemen ‘ is a way to cultivate these virtues and to form a solid foundation in the study of Chinese Painting.



-Learn the skills and techniques of traditional Chinese ink painting.

-Be guided step-by-step through experimenting with Chinese paint brushes, rice paper and be introduced to four core themes of  Chinese art: bamboo, chrysanthemum, plum blossom and orchid. 

-Discover the history and philosophy behind Chinese painting and learn about the major differences between Chinese and Western Art.

-Experiment with different Chinese artistic tools and styles.

-Be guided to create the four major motifs on traditional Chinese rice paper.



*8 classes in total.  2 classes each week.

*To be used within 4 weeks of purchase


Duration: 2 hours each class

Suitable for 12 years  and above

Cost: $2900/ head 

Cost includes all equipment + materials used in workshops.

'The Four Gentlemen' - 8 Intensive Classes For Beginners

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