Join a condensed workshop for beginners providing a quick glimpse of traditional Chinese ink painting on silk fans which often takes years to master. The workshop is fused with Western modes of expression using Chinese ink and colors to give students a basic understanding and appreciation of Chinese painting.


-Get a basic intro to Chinese painting and equipment guided by the studio's artist.

-Get a quick glimpse into the differences between Chinese and Western Painting

-Practice painting typical beginners Chinese art motifs such as bamboos in your first workshop.

-For other motifs such as flowers etc. would require a foundation of at least 4-8 regular Chinese painting classes.

-At the end of the experience, take home an elegant silk fan. 

Beginners adults   |  12 years old +

Duration 2.5 hrs


Includes 1 fan


* Enjoy freshly brewed tea on the side

Chinese Fan Painting One-Off Workshop

  • Please email to confirm available date/dates before purchase.


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No. 2D, Star Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

By appointment only 

3484 2919

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