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 Trained for over a decade under the tutelage of the late Chinese painter Master Shum Wing Kwong 岺榮光 from the Lingnan School, Carole has developed a profound understanding and mastery of the instincts that define Chinese painting from a young age.

Chinese Painting is one of the oldest, continuous artistic traditions in the world that dates back to the 5th century AD. The Lingnan School represents a particular style of Chinese painting founded in the 19th century in the Southern part of China, with the aim to create a new form of Chinese art through preserving traditional Chinese Painting notions while injecting modern, Western and Japanese painting elements.


Carole is determined to keep the ancient Chinese art form and the Lingnan spirit alive by passing on the teachings and styles inherited from her late teacher. To this day, she continues to be mentored and guided by Master Shum's wife , Wong Shuk Ching 黃淑貞, (an accomplished Chinese painter herself) on painting and teaching philosophies.

Carole's Western art education during studies in HK and the UK taught her not only how to combine East with West but also abstraction with realism; modern with traditional; spiritual with the physical. While studying modern languages at school and majoring in German Literature at university in the UK and Germany, she was exposed to European artists from schools of impressionism, expressionism, symbolism and fauvism. Influenced by her diverse linguistic and cultural experiences, Carole has been able to perfectly meld Chinese painting skills, aesthetics, philosophies and motifs with Western modes of expression, bridging East with the West. 


After spending several years in the finance & banking industry at companies such as Morgan Stanley and a US hedge fund, working across Europe and Asia including London, Germany, Shanghai and Hong Kong , Carole decided to go back to what is most truthful to her heart- art, creativity and to promote traditional Chinese painting principles with a modern, vibrant and Western twist.


It is hoped that the beauty of Chinese Painting, its history, culture, philosophy and spirit of harmony, peace and universal balance can reach  different corners of the world, bringing cultures, nations and people closer together through art.