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Late Teacher

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Among the many Chinese painters in Hong Kong, Mr. Shum Wing Kwong was considered to be one of the most promising artist in the field and had been named as 'Fish-Painting King' by art critics. Perhaps this was because his style and technique were so unusual and full of vivacity in his fish-paintings.


In order to understand Mr. Shum's art, one had to know his ways of painting and thinking. As a matter of fact, before he started to paint, he usually had a mental picture in mind, knowing exactly what images were going to appear in his work and then modifying them with superb control of textural surfaces, plus a sensitive touch of brush strokes, and eventually a unique style of art was born. His paintings showed his visual sensation, and created a new dimension in his art career of Chinese Painting.


1952  Graduated from the Literature college of Lingnan University in Canton.
1965  Graduated from Canton Literature and History College majoring in Chinese Painting. 

With one of China's most renowned Chinese painter Li Xiongcai 黎雄才as his mentor (who was one of the 3 great masters belonging to the 2nd generation of the Lingnan School), Shum studied Chinese Painting under Li's contemporary Leung Jim Fung 梁占峰 .

Studied Chinese calligraphy under renowned calligrapher Wu Zi Fu吳子復
2016  Passed away in Hong Kong

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