Classes are taught by the studio's artist based on the teachings of the late Lingnan artist Shum Wing Kwong with a modernized, vibrant and  systematic approach. Suitable for beginners who are serious learners and for those who want to take up an enriching long-term or regular interest. After grasping the basic concepts and techniques of Chinese Painting in the 1st 2 classes, students will be introduced to other common themes such as the “Four Noble Plants” and more.

Our aim is to complete a painting every 3-4 classes, but this will this vary from student to student, depending on each individual's progress. Check out some of our students' art

TOPICS: Master lines & strokes | Bamboo | Flowers | Insects| Animals | Fruits | Landscape |Modern Ink

CONTENTS: History | Techniques | Painters Aesthetics| Composition |Colors 

Fees are paid every four classes. There is no need for consecutive classes every week. Time and day of class can be arranged each time you come. 


*Kids 10-15 years old + ONLY

*$1300/4 classes | 1.5 hours each class 

*Fees include all materials and equipment used in class


Kids Chinese Ink Painting Regular Classes

  • Please email to confirm available date/dates before purchase.


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