EAST Meets WEST  Summer Art Camp | 1 DAY

JULY 25, 29, 30    AUGUST 1, 6, 13, 15, 22

 Kids 6-12 yrs $800/head 

Fees include all materials and equipment.

1 Day  Art Camp

KA Atelier’s EAST meets West Art camp is ideal for locals & tourists looking to have their kids engage in activities that are creative, cultural yet educational in HK during the major school holidays.

In this 1 day camp, learn about the differences and similarities between Chinese and Western art. Learn about inspirations and work of different modern Chinese Painters and Western modern masters and create art pieces using the two different and styles and techniques.

Parents can enroll their kids in our 1  day  camp so that while the kids are in the workshops , they can enjoy the flexibility of:
1)Having their own free time to explore the city
2)Participating in a Chinese Painting workshop for an extra fee with the kids.

JULY 25, 29, 30      AUGUST 1, ,6, 13, 15, 22


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No. 2D, Star Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

By appointment only 

3484 2919

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